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Brooks Family Threads

I'm excited to introduce you to Brooks Family Threads. Elaine Brooks is a dear friend dating back to our elementary school days. She is a very talented weaver and sewer who creates very attractive products using the "rag weaving" method. Her passion for this is inspiring and I hope to Profile her Passion in the near future on

Elaine has built up a following in Chester County, PA as an artisan extraordinaire. Her unique creations routinely attract attention at craft and artisan exhibits and in a popular local boutique. As I write this Elaine is busy preparing additional weaved creations for show and purchase at two autumn artisan fairs in Delaware and another in Chester County.

Each of her wine totes, table runners, bags, pillows and wall hangings are one of a kind creations.

Elaine is environmentally sensitive in that she only uses repurposed materials, the sorts of excess fabrics that if unclaimed are destined for a landfill.

She is a student of history, especially as it relates to textiles and weaving methods. Her works incorporate historical methods that infuse colors, patterns and textures. Follow her on Facebook at:

Her home studio with its two looms and a rainbow of colorful materials is a wonderful, spiritual space. I am excited at the prospect of delving into her Passion and sharing it with you.

Recently retired from the banking industry, Elaine enjoys her work for and with the Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education whose Mission is to "enhance the quality of education in Delaware by delivering arts-integrated, multicultural experiences to students of all ages . . . inspiring the artist within."

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1 Comment

Nancy Nabak
Nancy Nabak
Oct 01, 2021

Thanks for the tease on Elaine's threads! I can't wait to read more about her in your Passions Profile! Love how you bring out the best in people and their passion, illuminating their inner light!

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