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Having a passion is the difference between merely being alive and truly living.

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A Letter From Jason

"Passions Illustrated" is an idea that has been living within me for twenty years.  First conceived as a traditional magazine and later as a book, I'm delighted to finally bring it to life in the form of ""


Have you noticed that people who think or feel passionately about an activity or hobby seem energized, even joyful when discussing or engaging in it?


It is my strong conviction that one who passionately engages in an activity not only gets pleasure from doing it but also enjoys a "spillover effect" that lightens the more routine aspects of life. Passion fills life. 

The Passion need not be grandiose or adventurous. It can be quiet and subtle. What rock climbing or scuba diving or beekeeping or spelunking is to one person, birding, knitting, gardening, antiquing, volunteerism, or sports spectating is to another. The list is endless. 


Passions Illustrated is my humble attempt to introduce you, the reader, to people from different walks of life whose lives are enriched by Passion. I hope to inform, entertain and inspire others to delve into a passion, or to vicariously enjoy the passion of another, in a way that might float your life.

Originally from Elizabeth, New Jersey, I relocated to California shortly after graduating from Rutgers University in 1979.  I earned a Juris Doctor degree and settled in Oakland, California where I practiced law for our county government for over 30 years.


Please join me on my journey and contact me with your suggestions and ideas.

Thank you,

Jason Laurenzano

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